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In compliance with Hon’ble High Court, Tripura State Pollution Control Board has conducted Noise Monitoring covering urban, semi urban areas in all major cities of the state. These major cities are Kailashahar, Panisagar, Dharmanagar, Kanchanpur, Sadar, Jirania, Mohonpur, Bishalgarh, Sonamura, Jampui, Gandachera, Kamalpur, Ambassa, Longtarai, Teliamura, Khowai, Udaipur, Amarpur, Belonia, Santirbazar, Sabroom etc..

The Board also measured ambient noise level in four major districts namely West (Sadar), Unokuti (Kumarghat), Gomati (Udaipur) and Dhalai to track sound intensity during Durga Puja festival. Each of the four districts is covered with 12 nos. important stations keeping the importance of Silent Zone, Residential Zone, industrial Zone and Commercial Zone

A continuous noise level monitoring was also held by the Board during Laxmi Puja due to burst out of firecrackers. The official team also visited many places in the state to catch up the fire crackers seller and thus took necessary legal action against the violators. Altogether total 12 stations are identified in each of the districts in the state to cover up all sensitive zones.

The Board officials also measures intensity of noise level at different college premises namely Womens college, Kamalpur College, MBB College, Ramthakur College etc. in the year 2016.

In order to assess the noise level during Deepabali Festival, noise monitoring were carried out in and around Agartala, the state capital of Tripura, Udaipur town area of Gomati district, Dharmanagar town in North Tripura district and Ambassa town of Dhalai District on Normal Day i.e. on 24.10.2016 and on Deepabali Day i.e. on 29.10.2016 between 18.00 Hrs. to 24.00 Hrs as per proforma sent by CPCB.

Methods of Noise Measurement: Sound Level Meters (SLM) SL-4001(Make: Lutron) was used for monitoring of noise levels. The noise levels were monitored at least for 30 minutes at each location during monitoring.
Leq Formula: The ‘root mean square’ quantity of a sound wave is known as r.m.s. excess pressure or more commonly as sound pressure. Sound level is the sound pressure level in decibels (dB) and is 20 times the logarithm to the base ten of the ratio of a weighted sound pressure to the reference sound pressure. This is expressed as force per unit area either in Newtons per square metre (N/m2) or in Pascals (Pa).
“A- Weighted” means making graded adjustments in the intensities of the sound of various frequencies for the purpose of noise measurement so that the sound pressure level measured by an instrument reflects the actual response of the human ear to the sound measured.
Steady Sound pressure Level which over the given period of time would have given the same total energy as the actual fluctuating time. Thus Leq is the r.m.s sound pressure level taking the measurement duration as the averaging time.

Public Complaint

1. Sri Bishu Karmakar,
Member Secretary (9436169779)

2. Smt. Aparajita Das,
Asst. Env. Engineer (9436469990)

3. Sri Dipak Rudra Paul,
Junior Scientist (8729920336)


Tripura State Pollution Control Board
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