ENVIS (Environmental Information System) has started implementing the World Bank assisted Environment Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project (EMCBTAP) since January, 2002 which aims at structuring the ENVIS scheme by extending its reach through involvement of Institutions/Organizations in State Governments, academia sector, corporate sector, NGO sector, etc. The project also aims at broadening the ambit of ENVIS to include varying subject areas, themes, local conditions, issues, information/data needs of the country pertaining to environment and planned to be achieved through enlargement of participatory Organizations/Institutions, called EMCB-Nodes in various sectors and through introduction of modern means of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).


To strengthen ENVIS in disseminating information pertaining to environment and sustainable development, ENVIS India is in the process of establishing Eighty Five ENVIS Nodes by involving Organizations, institutions, Universities and Government departments working in diverse areas of environment.
ENVIS India has already established Eighty One partner nodes, which include Thirty government departments, Thirty Six Institutions and Fifteen NGOs. These nodes are supposed to create websites on specific environment related subject areas


Both the Focal Point as well as the ENVIS Centres have been assigned various responsibilities. The broad responsibilities of the Focal Point and ENVIS Centres are as under :

Focal Point :

  • overall coordination of ENVIS network;
  • identification of ENVIS Centres in specialised areas, their location in selected institutes/organisations and their linkage with the Focal Point;
  • farming guidlines and uniform desiging procedures for ENVIS Centres;
  • collection, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information on areas in which ENVIS Centres have not been established and in some general areas of environment like environmental research, environmental policy and management, environmental legislation, environmental impact assessment, etc.;
  • responding to user queries directly or through the ENVIS Centres;
  • Establishment of Data Bank containing data on some selected parameters, and computerisation in important application areas of environment;
  • identification of data gaps and knowledge gaps in specified subject areas and action to fill these gaps;
  • liasion with relevant International Information Systems and other national information systems;
  • publication of a quarterly abstracting journal Paryavaran Abstracts;
  • bringing out various other publications on current awareness services;
  • organising training and seminars;
  • monitoring and rewiewing of ENVIS; and
  • assisting the Scientific Advisory Committee of ENVIS with inputs and rendering other secretarial help.

Responsibilities of ENVIS Centres :

  • building up a good collection of books, reports and journals in the particular subject area of environment;
  • establishment of linkages with all information sources in the particular subject area of environment;
  • responding to user queries;
  • establishment of a data bank on some selected parameters relating to the subject area;
  • coordination with the Focal Point for supplying relevant, adequate and timely information to the users;
  • helping the Focal Point in gradually up an inventory of information material available at the Centre; identification of information gaps in the specified subject areas and action to fill these gaps;
  • bringing out newsletters/publications in their subject area for wide dissemination.

The objectives of EMCB-ENVIS are as follows:

  • Creation of Website on Environment with regional language interface.
  • Monthly compilation of News Items on Environment
  • Identification of information / data gaps in the specified subject areas and action taken to fill these gaps.
  • Database creation on Environment to be put on website.
  • Contribution of news items for ENVIS newsletter on monthly basis.
  • To establish and operate a distributed clearing house to answer and channel queries related to the allocated subject.
  • To establish linkages with information users, carriers and providers from among government, academia, business and Non Governmental Organisations including that with ENVIS .

The activities of EMCB-ENVIS Node

  • to have linkages with information sources in the country and abroad for increasing the information contents.
  • to supply information on the queries referred to it, to ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme . Central Government, Departments and Organisations, State Government Departments and Organisations, Scientific Institutions and Research Scientists in the country in the form of copies of published reports, documents, abstracts and research papers.
  • to help ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme in gradually building up an inventory of information material. The Node would also supply information to ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme as required from time to time for the overall functioning and improvement of ENVIS.
  • to establish a data bank containing data on selected parameters and its assigned subject area.
  • to identify data gaps and knowledge gaps in their subject area and take action to fill these gaps.
  • to develop website and linkages with the existing ENVIS Centre and ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme.
  • to collect reports and journals etc. in its subject area for developing the requisite database.
  • to bring out various other publications on current awareness services;
The TSPCB is the ENVIS NODE for Tripura State