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India is the fastest-growing market in the world for smartphones with 27 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2016 alone, and though the lifespan of a mobile phone is higher in India than in the West, one can imagine the number of “obsolete” phones contributing to electronic waste (e-waste). Such phones and other electronics contributed to 1.5 million tonnes of e-waste produced in India in 2015, 90% of which was managed by the informal sector using unscientific methods that cause harm to human health and the environment. To streamline e-waste management, the government notified Electronic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 that became effective in May 2012. These rules are based on extended producer responsibility (EPR), a popular framework across the world for e-waste management. EPR makes manufacturers of electronic products responsible for the end-of-life management of their products. They have to set up collection centres and ensure that waste is recycled and disposed of in an environment-friendly manner. All collection centres, dismantling units and recyclers must register with state pollution control boards and comply with their norms. Download The e-Waste Management Rules, 2016

There is one authorized collection centre for E-Waste in the State. The name of the authorized collection centre is M/s Green Partner. For further details please contact:-

Sri Prasenjit Saha
Mob: 9436132652/6913346620

Public Complaint

1. Sri Bishu Karmakar,
Member Secretary (9436169779)

2. Sri Prakash Paul,
Jr. Env. Engineer (9612769715)


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