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National Environment Awareness Campaign
Rally-Pushparaj Club
Discussion with the students at Nutannagar H.S. School
Sit & Draw Competition-Amarpur H.S School
Drama Competition
Prize Distribution-Khowai Govt. XII  School
Oratory Competition-Hrishhyamukh H.S School
Safai Abhijan-Dakshin Amarpur Town High School
Safai Abhijan-Amarpur H.S School
Prize Distribution Ceremony-Organisation for Rural Survival
Rally-Bilthai Class XII School
Plantation-Vivekananda Club
Plantation-Kanchanpur Class XII School
Workshop-Pusparaj Club
NEAC-Bilthai H.S School
Sit & Draw Competition-Kanchanpur Class xii School
Cultural Programme-Sanghadip
Rally-Chandraipara Class XII School
Street Drama- Bishramganj H.S School
Rally -Chandraipara Class XII School
Plantation-Khash Chowmuhani Class XII School