Aims & Objectives
    The overall objective of Regional Plan is to achieve sustainable development harmonizing social, economic and environmental needs through appropriate planning and management of land and its resources.

The specific objectives of the study are:

  • To study the physical, socio-economic and infrastructural characteristics of the State;
  • To identify the environmental resources and sensitive lo.nes in the State;
  • To identifying the development needs of various parts of the State;
  • To identify development potential for various sectors in the State;
  • To suggest a spatially balanced settlement structure for a harmonised relation between urban and rural areas; and
  • To suggest development options to achieve balanced and sustainable development of Tripura.

The Regional Planning Study employed mapping tool. The thematic maps are prepared in 1 :2,50,000 scale. GIS was used for mapping and analysis. Field surveys and ground checks were made. However, the major limitation of the study is that it depended upon the secondary sources of data, though mainly on the data published by the Government departments, institutes and other agencies.

Due to non-availability of census-2001 data below the District level, the Block level analysis has been restricted up to 1991 census. Urban population completely relates to 1991 census data. However, the data at District level and State level has been accommodated from the released 2001 provisional census data.