Land Utilisation Pattern

The District Gazetteer Tripura records that as much as 75 % land was under forest in Tripura and about 12.4 % land was cultivated during 1937-38. Since then, forestland has come down to 60 % of total geographical area while cultivated area .also has more than doubled to 27 %. A total land of 1,24,975 ha which were put to cultivation increased to 2,79,150 ha during 1999-2000 recording an increase of 24 %. The pressure on lands kept on mounting since then to meet the needs of growing population, which has shown a spectacular growth since independence. The gazetteer notes that rehabilitation of displaced persons from Bangladesh (by the end of 1957, 3,65000 displaced persons came to Tripura) led to the rapid extension of agriculture in the area. However, it is lower than all India net sown area of 47% (see fig-2.1 below)

(Source: Statistical Abstract,India 2000, pp-201.

There is a discrepancy in percentage of area under forest. The Statistical Abstract, India 2000, gives the figure as 58%, as per the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Tripura (letter no.F.5 (11)-Agri; (S)/1998-1999/736 dated 16/11/November 2000), total forest area constitutes just 57.7%, whereas the Department of Forests claims to have about 59.91% of lands under forest (vide the letter. no. 16 (64)/For-Plan/98-99/P-II/15672 dated 26th September 2001).