Regional Planning Maps


  • The State has about 28% land under agriculture and has potential for about 2% additional lands for putting under agricultural use The areas to be benefited include Khowai, Padmabil, Mandai, Jampuijala, Boxanagar, Pecharthal, Damchhera, Dasda, Kadamtala, Manu, Chhamanu, Dumburnagar, Amarpur. Karbuk, Killa, Kakraban, Bagafa, Rupaichhara and Satchand.
  • Agriculture is mainly practiced in flood plains and due to lack of flood control measures, flooding poses a major constraint.Construction of embankment, improvement of existing embankment, anti erosion works to be taken up.
  • Minor irrigation schemes for surface water irrigation like L.I. schemes, Diversion schemes, small pump, seasonal bund, check dams to be made effective for assured irrigation.
  • Diversification and crop combination of agricultural crops by multiple cropping and increasing cropping intensity. However, while deciding crops and cropping panern/intensity, suitability to local physical and environmental conditions must be ensured.
  • Environment friendly practices such as organic farming, use of bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides should be encouraged.
  • There is a need for rehabilitation of Jhumias and bringing them back to main stay of life. In the already existing jhuming areas, more stable agriculture/horticulture practices should be introduced. The jhumias are to be imparted training for commercial forestry and horticulture and other cash crops.
  • Other measures, as suggested in Xth Five Year Plan of State Government, should include distribution of quality seed, production of quality seed, popularisation of manures and fertilisers, plant protection, agricultural extension and farmers training.