The overall objective of Industrial Estate Planning is to identify sites for industrial estates in Bodhjungnagar and plan industrial development in compatibility with surrounding land uses in a sustainable manner. The specific objectives include:

1. To finalise site(s) for setting up of the industrial estate(s) in each of the study areas incorporating environmental considerations and based on:

  • regional assessment for the entire corridor for identifying the study areas;
  • land use sensitivity assessment around the site(s);
  • water pollution sensitivity assessment etc.

2. to identify the type of industries that may be permitted in the estate(s) and those that are not permissible based on above assessment and using air and water quality models;

3. to propose waste treatment and disposal options (including site for CETP, disposal points of waste water, green belts in the estate and if possible suggest alignment for sewerage/drainage network, type of pre-treatment facilities required in various zones of the estate. type of combined effluent treatment system etc.) this excludes designing of the facilities;

4.to propose. land use development concept around the site showing green belts. development zones, preferential agricultural areas. environmental protection zones etc.;

5. to propose' the procedures to be followed for issue of consent to establish the industries by the state pollution control boards;

6. to propose the criteria to be followed by the owner of the estate (viz, industries department, industrial infrastructure corporation etc.) in designing the layout of the. estate, providing pollution abatement infrastructure and allocating plots to the industries;

7. to propose any other environmental management system required for the estate;

The studies are expected to form a basis for taking decisions on notifying the site(s) for acquisition for setting up of the industrial estate(s). the type of industrialization in the estate(s). layout planning of estate(s). designing of the sewage/drainage system and CETP. planning for 'industrial townships for housing the population expected from the industrial estate(s) and regulating land uses around the estate(s).