Industrial Planning Maps

Sensitive/ Unsuitable Zones Map

The Government (central/state/local) has established certain regulations, by virtue of various existing laws/acts, owing to which industrial siting cannot be done in some specific sensitive zones such as reserved forests, protected forests, etc. These restrictions may be said to be legal restrictions. Also, in certain zones, no industrial siting is possible due to physical restrictions such as high hills and deep gorges areas etc. In. certain zones, industrial siting cannot be done due to ecologically fragile/sensitive eco-system. Additionally, industr also cannot be done in certain areas due to social restrictions. Besides, there is a water intake point down the stream at Agartala. Such areas include religious places, ir tourist sites, prime agricultural lands, etc. As per the Notification no. S.0. 470(E) dated 21.6.1999 of the Ministry of Environment ,and Forests, Govt. of India(Annexure-II )which spells out draft Environment (Siting of Industrial Projects) Rules, 1999, 15 categories of industries (Refer Annexure-I), having high pollution potential, are prohibited in:

The entire area within the municipal limits of Municipal Corporations, Municipal Cour Nagar Panchayats and a 25 km belt around cities having population more than 1 million and
25 km around the periphery of the national Parks, Sanctuaries and core zone of biosphere reserves.

The sensitive/unsuitable zones are presented in the Sensitive Zone map. These should be avoided for setting up of industrial estate(s). The left out areas may be considered for siting of industries or industrial estates.

The sensitive/unsuitable zones in the present study area include:

  • Forests
  • Sanctuaries
  • Settlements
  • Monuments
  • Water bodies
  • Natural lakes and swamps
  • Flood prone areas
  • Hills (high physiography areas)
  • Seismic zones