Industrial Planning Maps
  • Land Use/Land Cover Map

Land use map depicts the pattern of land use in the study area and is an important input for preparation of the other theme maps. The land use describes what use a parcel of land is put to , e.g. residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural etc., whereas land cover describes the features that are present on surface cover, e.g., building, vegetation, water, rocks etc.

The land use /Iand cover map has been prepared by the National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad based on the latest satellite imagery. The land use / land cover have been Clssified into six categories, i.e. Built-up land, Agricultural land, Forest, Wastelands, Water bodies and others, each having sub-categories.

.The major land uses of the study area are lands under agricultural practices, forest and Wastelands. The general topography of the study area flattens towards west with the rease in area under agriculture. There are numerous patches of plantations and mixed Plantations. In fact, all the settlements are characterised by mixed plantations.