Zoning Atlas Maps

Physiography Map

The Physiography map has been prepared based on the contours.

The map is divided into three categories:

  • High Hills and hill ranges
  • Medium Sloppy and undulating land and hillocks
  • Low Plain

It is seen that almost the entire North and Dhalai districts are having high physiography. High physiography areas i.e. the Baramura and Atharamura hill ranges are also observed in the West and South Districts.


Medium categories are mainly observed in the North Tripura District.

The 'low' physiography area has been observed mainly in the West and South Districts. Dharmanagar and Kailashahar sub-divisions of North Tripura District are also having low physiography areas. The 'high' physiography areas pose physical constraints for siting of industries and hence are categorised as unsuitable sites.