• Monitoring of Air Pollution
The ambient air quality throughout the State is good. In some places of Agartala and in some Districts and Sub Division Headquarters, the air quality is medium due to high density of population and Vehicular Smoke Emission.
Air quality monitoring was carried out throughout the State in 41 stations for SPM, SOx and NOx. The level of SPM, CO and lead was monitored in some selected stations in and around Agartala city. In few places of Agartala city quality of air is low.

n Agartala at Motorstand and Battala SPM level is also above the standards.   Medium and low air quality is attributed mainly due to vehicular smoke emission and dust (.........more)

The Brick Fields of Tripura are playing vital roles in the economic development of the state, but at the same time the pollution risks associated with the Brick Fields cannot be lost sight of. To ascertain the latest status of the Brick Fields of Tripura, the Tripura State Pollution control Board (TSPCB) conducted a district wise survey of Brick Fields in Tripura is prepared(..Report of A SURVEY OF BRICK FIELDS IN TRIPURA)